Your First Visit

The goal of the first visit is to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

This is accomplished by:

• A comprehensive history and orthopedic/neurological examination.
• X-rays (if necessary)
Clinical assessment of nerve function and abnormal muscle activity using our computerized EMG and Thermography unit. (Insight Millennium)
• Care will only be given on the first visit on an emergency basis. To make a specific correction to the human body    involves knowing exactly what and where the problem is. We do not take any chances with your health!
This visit takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

Second visit:

• Comprehensive doctors report. This includes a full explanation of what    chiropractic is and how it can    benefit you and your family; an analysis of your    exam and x-ray findings and a recommended care    plan based on your    healthcare goals.  
• Your 1st Chiropractic Adjustment!!!
• Affordable payment plans will be set up at this time.
   Follow up visits:
• These visits may be anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the time of   day your appointment is.
• Periodic re-evaluations will be performed to assess your progress; health    plans will be updated.

Typical Treatment Procedure in our Office:

In our office we acknowledge the fact that the Spinal Adjustment is the primary focus in your journey towards optimal health. However, we feel that there are many adjunctive therapies that lend a helpful hand in maximizing the effect of an adjustment. A typical visit in our office consists of some initial soft tissue massage from one of our licensed massage therapist, followed by a brief rest period with some gentle therapies(heat, ice, electric stimulation or ultrasound) all to help prepare your body for the chiropractic adjustment. Over the years we have found that this method of care provides our patients with the ability to recover quickly and begin working on correcting the cause of the problem to minimize the chances of your condition coming back. Once corrected our patients can then enjoy the long lasting effects of chiropractic care.

Our ultimate goal as a chiropractors is to keep our patients symptom free and healthy. We like to bring them to the point where they return for occasional checkups and maintenance adjustments to insure their bodies are enjoying an optimum quality of life.