Dr. Hiro Izumi

Dr. Hiro was a sickly child with severe asthma and allergies which caused him to be bedridden for a significant part of his childhood.  Although in his teenage years and most of his 20's he could manage the symptoms by multiple medications, his condition constantly limited his ability to play sports and many different kinds of physical activities. When he was 28, he met a chiropractor in a shopping mall in Atlanta GA.  The chiropractor explained to him about the body's innate intelligence to heal itself with proper care  (structural balance, nutrition, life style, etc...).  After a few days he decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic because he was so excited he would be able to help many people.  Even though his asthma had not been cured yet he knew it would go away with this path and it did in 6 months after this life changing event.  He has a strong desire to help sick people regain their health back because he knows what it means to be sick.


Dr. Michiko Izumi 

Dr. Michiko Izumi was born and raised in Japan.  She studied aviation management at Ohio State University and obtained the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  After working for an airline in Atlanta for two years, chiropractic finally found her.  Within two weeks from that day she received her first chiropractic adjustment in her life, she was on the campus tour at Life University in Marietta GA.  In December 2009, she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree there, as the valedictorian of her class.